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Addition of Infrastructure Services Consulting Division Within V4vitality

 V4vitality has introduced an Infrastructure Consulting Services Division. It is headed up by our Managing Director, Kogan Pillay, who has worked extensively in the Infrastructure and finance space for over 30 years. He has led and overseen teams developing feasibility studies for bankable infrastructure projects and knows how to take them to financial close. Kogan has also worked extensively in the public sector and was Head of the SADC PPP Network between 2012 and 2021.

Over the years, he has also worked for the PPP Unit in the National Treasury of South Africa and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), where he specialized in project preparation and development of legal and policy issues related to private sector participation in public infrastructure projects. This required the development of a regional policy on PPPs which was adopted by the SADC Ministers of Finance and Investment in 2013 and currently acts a guideline for private sector investment in public infrastructure. Kogan worked to develop the BWI strategies for international trade enhancement and reviewed OECD assessments and recommendations, including recruitment policies and procedures.

He has worked with the DBSA, the SADC Infrastructure and Services Secretariat, the IDC South Africa and the AfDB to develop a pipeline of bankable projects in the region. This is in the line with the AfDB’s Ten Year Strategy (2013-2022) to achieve inclusive growth and the transition to green growth on the continent. As the Head of the SADC PPP Network, he aligned projects with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and coordinated a number of working groups (Infrastructure, Industrialization, Agriculture and SMME’s) as part of the SADC DFI Network’s emphasis on the SDG’s) This Network is comprised of 41 DFI’s in the SADC region.

He was responsible for the review of the SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan (RIDMP), which sought to develop cross-border infrastructure projects that sought to accelerate regional integration. This required the creation of strategic relationships with member states and the creation of a strategic plan to implement the plan through the use of PPPs and expanded private sector participation.

During this process it was his direct responsibility to prioritize projects, develop implementation plans and work with multilateral organizations such as the World Bank (through PPIAF) to complete feasibly studies and ensure project bankability. The creation of strong multilateral linkages, the alignment of policy and legislation frameworks and the facilitation of “Heads of Agreement” between member states, became an integral part of this process. Therefore, working with multilateral banks and other organizations is integral to function he also liaised with the BRICS

New Development Bank (NDB). Moreover, he brings a fresh perspective which relies on co-operation, diplomacy and “putting the project first”

In addition, he is cognizant of the AfDB’s Hi 5’s which:” are to: Light up and Power Africa; Feed Africa; Industrialize Africa; Integrate Africa; and Improve the Quality of Life for the People of Africa”.

Kogan worked extensively with donor organizations to raise funds for developmental purposes and has collaborated with such international agencies such as the GIZ (the German Development and Co-operation Agency), JICA (the Japanese International Cooperation Agency) and USAID (the United States Agency for International Development).

 Kogan also has experience in the following sectors and areas:

Fleet Procurement;
Head Office Accommodation;
Roads and Transport (Toll Roads);
Policy Development, Legislative Development and Structuring of PPP Units; and
Development of Integrated National Infrastructure Plans.

Service Offering include:
Infrastructure project identification and inception;
Project Preparation and Feasibility Studies
Acting as Project lead to ensure delivery of services by Transaction Advisory Teams
Writing of Terms of Reference to procure Transaction Advisory Teams;
Ensuring regulatory compliance for infrastructure and PPP projects
Developing terms for the raising of blended financing;
Developing infrastructure case studies; and
PPP Training